About DIIG
Diagnostic Imaging International Corp., was incorporated on December 12, 2000. In 2005, Management began researching the potential for growth of independent medical clinics in North America. At that time, the Company's business plan was to open MRI clinics, Computed Tomography scan equipment, and evaluate future opportunities for Positron Emission Tomography clinics.

In July 2005, the Company engaged Richard Jagodnik to advise on private healthcare opportunities in and, if there was sufficient opportunity, to develop a new business plan with the objective of owning and operating private diagnostic clinics. It is the belief of management that the Teleradiology component is critical to successfully owning and operating profitable scanning and diagnostic clinics.

With the acquisition of CTS, DIIG expects to realize phase one of its business plan within a much shorter timeline than anticipated. The acquisition will allow the Company entrance into the North American Imaging marketplace within the first quarter of 2009, and provide a solid basis to expand and grow the business.

DIIG will provide the teleradiology services through CTS. Thereafter, DIIG intends on actively pursuing acquisitions throughout major metropolitan areas within North America of existing, profitable, private diagnostic clinics, while expanding CTS.

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